When your best friend is a seamstress…

Back in January,  George and I got engaged on the peak of the Blue Mountain—the highest point in Jamaica. George wrote about here. We decided to get married right here in Jamaica in my… Continue reading

Jamaica’s First Camp GLOW!

My biggest project-based accomplishment of my Peace Corps service was hands down helping to organize Jamaica’s fist Camp Girls Leading Our World (GLOW). Our initial committee consisted of Peace Corps Jamaica Group 86… Continue reading

Camp GLOW (Girls Lead Our World) Jamaica 2016 is fully funded!

We did it! We raised the necessary funds to run Jamaica’s first Camp GLOW (Girls Leading Our World)!  We haven’t seen the list yet of who donated to our camp–but I am just… Continue reading

The Song of the Cicada (Post 100!)

This blog initially started as a place to simply share my art, but ended up going beyond that to follow my days in Philadelphia at a time when I was starting my first… Continue reading

Calabash Literary Festival

This weekend I had the opportunity to attend Calabash Festival, an event that only happens every other year in Treasure Beach. The purpose of this festival is to “transform the literary arts in… Continue reading